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Traditional Braces - Tried & True

While there are highly advanced orthodontic treatments that give you faster treatment, nearly invisible treatment, and maintenance-free treatment, there is a reason that traditional metal and clear braces are still around. Their process for aligning your smile and your bite is still incredibly effective. When discreet treatment isn’t a necessity, traditional metal braces are still a highly reliable and sometimes preferable treatment option for straightening teeth. If you’re interested in discreet treatment, clear braces offer the effectiveness you need and the discretion you desire.

Invisalign Los Feliz

Invisalign treatment provides numerous benefits to make straightening your teeth as easy as smiling.
Los Angeles is divided into many different neighborhoods. One of these neighborhoods is Los Feliz. Los Feliz is located in the eastern part of Los Angeles, and is a very diverse neighborhood. The population of Los Feliz is around 50,000 people as of the last Census, with the area home to many different cultures.
The neighborhood is full of creative individuals and professionals living among quaint bungalows, attractive apartment buildings, and old historic homes, and the streets are lined with charming dining opportunities and trendy boutique retailers, with a vibrant social scene that is diverse and inclusive.

History of Los Feliz

The state now known as California was once inhabited by Native American groups prior to the arrival of Spanish immigrants. Rancherias was the name the Spanish gave to the Native American communities they encountered, and Rancho Los Feliz was founded on the site of one of these indigenous communities.
In 1795, Spanish Governor Pedro Fages awarded José Vicente Feliz, an early Spanish resident in California, the rancho now known as Rancho Los Feliz. The grant was bounded to the north and east by the Los Angeles River, and to the west by the Santa Monica Mountains. This gave Feliz jurisdiction over the areas presently known as Los Feliz, Silver Lake, East Hollywood, and Griffith Park.


The hillside community is located between Hollywood and Silver Lake to the south and Atwater Village to the east, and it is also the origin of several film and television studios. In this article, you will learn about the best-kept secrets in Los Feliz, from a famous building to a trendy new restaurant.

Culture and Lifestyle in Los Feliz

Both well-known and aspiring artists find refuge in the laid-back hillside community of Los Feliz. A number of classic drinking holes coexist with trendy boutiques and cafés, as well as the historic Vista Theatre (a movie palace built in 1923) and two outstanding examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. Bordering vast Griffith Park, the area is popular with residents who come to the park for its proximity to hiking trails, Greek Theatre performances, and astronomical explorations at Griffith Observatory.

Climate in Los Feliz

The climate in Los Feliz is very mild. The average temperature in Los Feliz is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Los Feliz is a great place to live if you want to experience all that Los Angeles has to offer.



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