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Traditional Braces - Tried & True

While there are highly advanced orthodontic treatments that give you faster treatment, nearly invisible treatment, and maintenance-free treatment, there is a reason that traditional metal and clear braces are still around. Their process for aligning your smile and your bite is still incredibly effective. When discreet treatment isn’t a necessity, traditional metal braces are still a highly reliable and sometimes preferable treatment option for straightening teeth. If you're interested in discreet treatment, clear braces offer the effectiveness you need and the discretion you desire.

Invisalign La Canada Flintridge

Invisalign treatment provides numerous benefits to make straightening your teeth as easy as smiling.

  • True discretion - Invisalign provides the ultimate discretion for straightening teeth – even more than clear braces, which still require a visible metal wire. With Invisalign, no one needs to know you are undergoing treatment unless you choose to tell them.
  • Improved comfort - Invisalign doesn't use brackets, which means the inside of your mouth won't get sore or raw from chafing brackets. Invisalign's smooth plastic aligners provide a comfortable experience throughout your treatment.
  • No diet restrictions - With metal or clear braces, you must avoid certain foods that can damage or break the brackets. With Invisalign, however, you simply remove your aligner while you eat. That means you can sink your teeth into whatever you like. From crunchy apples to sticky gum – the sky's the limit!
  • Easy oral hygiene - Braces require extra care to remove food particles that get caught in the brackets, and getting the floss under that wire can be tough. Once again, Invisalign's aligners come to the rescue. Remove your aligner to brush and floss as usual, and then pop it back into your mouth when you're done.
  • No impact on your hobbies - With braces, many musicians find they need to undergo an adjustment period during which they essentially relearn how to play their brass or wind instrument. Athletes also need to take extra steps to protect their teeth and appliances by wearing pricey, custom-made mouthguards for braces. Invisalign's removable aligners let you skip the inconvenience and keep enjoying your hobbies as usual.



La Canada Flintridge is a beautiful, affluent community located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. The city is home to many executives and professionals who commute to Los Angeles for work. The community is also known for its excellent schools, which attract families from all over the region.


The city of La Canada Flintridge is situated in the Crescenta Valley, between the San Gabriel Mountains to the north and the Verdugo Mountains to the south. The city is bordered by the Angeles National Forest on its northern boundary. The community has a total area of 11.1 square miles, of which 0.03 square miles is water.


Small Town Vibe and Fun Family Living


One of the best areas to raise a family in Los Angeles, this area has excellent public and private schools and a low crime rate. La Caada Flintridge is known as "the LC bubble" by locals for its sense of seclusion and small-town vibe despite its proximity to major thoroughfares.


La Canada Flintridge Climate


The climate in La Canada Flintridge is warm and sunny, with cool evenings. The average temperatures range from 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 89 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The community experiences very little precipitation, averaging only 10 inches of rain per year.


La Canada Community and Households


La Canada Flintridge is an affluent community, with a median household income of $140,000. The median home value in the city is $1,000,000, and the median rental price is $3,500. The community is largely white-collar, with over 80% of the population employed in management, business, science, and arts occupations.


The community of La Canada Flintridge is an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family. The city is safe, clean, and provides residents with all the amenities and services they need. If you are looking for a community that offers a high quality of life, La Canada Flintridge is the perfect place for you.


La Canada School Districts


The city of La Canada Flintridge is served by the La Canada Unified School District. The district includes seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. The schools in the district are consistently ranked among the best in the state of California.

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